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The site rules are created to keep the platform safe and enjoyable to use, navigate and do business for all users of the WebSite Users who regist at the WebSite are responsible to check and understand the Terms of Use of the site, as well as all applicable laws and regulations.

  • The content of the Blog and Announcements and the correctness of the behavior of users can never be attributed to
  • does not have and will not have any responsibility in any civil or criminal dispute, as published or done by registered users and not.
  • will still be responsible for deleting any Post, Comment or Announcement that violates the rules and the Terms of Use of the site, on the unquestionable judgment of the

The violation of the rules can have a number of consequences, including:

  • the cancellation of any Post, Comment or Announcement;
  • suspension and/or cancellation of the registration account to the site.


  • Registration to the site is not mandatory to access the published contents. communicates that all the data entered and in particular the email used in the registration will remain only on this site and will never be disclosed to other parties. communicates that it will be prevented from preventing illicit or fraudulent activities respect to their own means and position. Exceptions to this are fraudulent or illicit actions others may put in place to get information and data from the site, for which they will be responsible in the first place person with respect to applicable laws.
  • It is our precise policy not to make the email and data of the registered user available to anyone (other sites or operators) to avoid consequences that this may involve (unsolicited e-mails, spam, phishing and so on ...), trying to avoid (in our objective possibilities) any use of registration data for marketing purposes or even worse, malicious.
  • Registration will allow access to features such as Blogs and Ads that may determine the need to go back registered user, for simple service communications and/or any warnings for incorrect behavior and/or also disciplinary actions of expulsion from the site.
  • We can not in any way tolerate that anyone can use our site to offend or do anything in difficulty our user.


  • Avoid using vulgar language or images contrary to common sense.
  • The content of posts posted on the Blog by registered users to our site will be their sole responsibility of the user who entered them and "signed" them.
  • does not have and will not have any responsibility in any civil or criminal dispute, as published on the site by users.
  • will still be responsible for deleting any Post and/or Comment and/or Content that may contain offenses or other that does not consider the topics discussed on the site.


General rules

Announcements are completely free and do not involve or will result in gains for site owners

As specified in the "Terms of Use", all ads that contain elements (objects, words, expressions, etc.) that do not conform:

  • to current laws;
  • to good morals and public order;
  • to respect other users;

will be removed from the site, regardless of any payment made and without the possibility for the advertiser user to receive a refund.

Never and in no way can any responsibility be attributed to for any problem or controversy that can arise to the insertion of an announcement by a user of the Site.

The rules and policies concerning the listing of listing or other announcements include those listed below.

Items that are prohibited or limited to sale (permitted and prohibited items): restrictions are often based on local and state laws, including regulations regarding copyright or registered trademarks. However, many limitations concern the sale of objects that may be questionable and which are not necessarily prohibited by law. The limitations are the result of the evaluation of the staff of the Site at the sole discretion. Before placing your item for sale, check the Rules on items that are prohibited or limited to sale to check if it is in the list of prohibited objects.

  • To guarantee a level of equality between users and prevent improper use of the site, we advise users (where possible) to deliver items sold directly. Recall that the site is not a real site for ads, but only a place to facilitate the meeting between users local also in the case of trades between users who live in the same area and can meet to verify the all in person. This is to avoid possible difficulties in receiving objects or the relative payment. When this is not possible, we invite you to rely on reliable carriers with traceable shipments and insured payment for seller and buyer with platforms such as We do not recommend all users to enter or accept payment methods such as Western Union and MoneyGram or Postepay top-ups.
  • Only advertisements related to original products can be published. Violations of property rights intellectual property of third parties, including counterfeiting and piracy, as well as any attempt, complicity or instigation of a violation, are punished by law.
  • The sale of goods of cultural interest must comply with the rules established for this purpose by Italian law. For more information, visit
  • When creating your ad, you can only use content that you own, created for the purpose of publication of the advertisement itself (such as photographs, texts, etc.) or for which the advertiser has received authorization to use.
  • It is not allowed to use keywords that are not directly connected to the object being sold.
  • To avoid spam, it is forbidden to write the e-mail address or telephone number in the title or in the ad description. To do this, always use the fields indicated for this purpose at the moment of the ad's publication.
  • The publication of any kind of sexual or pornographic content is not permitted.
  • Generic ads are not allowed and ads that do not contain offers/requests for items will be removed o specific services that only contain company names or references to websites.
  • The announcement must be written in Italian or including at least one translation into Italian.
  • The ad must not contain offensive expressions to other users or companies and it is not allowed to post detractor ads.
  • If you want to report a scam, contact the staff of for assistance and report the incident to the Postal Police.
  • The advertiser is personally responsible for the content of the advertisements published by him. has no responsibility either for the goods and services published by the users, nor for the content of ads.
  • If an ad is removed from the site, the user can edit the content to adapt it to the Publishing Rules. It is the advertiser's obligation to verify that the content of his advertisement complies with the Terms of Use and with those present Rules of publication.
  • The Rules of publication are subject to updates, so they may change over time. reserves the right to remove an ad when it violates the Terms of Use or those present Rules of publication.
  • Any user who fails to comply with the Publishing Rules may be blocked and their ads removed.


This website is owned and operated by These Terms set out the terms and conditions under which you may use our website and the services we offer. This site offers visitors [the opportunity to purchase products online]. By accessing or using the website for our service, you agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms. In order to use our website and / or receive our services, you must be at least [18] years old, or have reached the age of majority defined in the state of your jurisdiction, and have the legal authority, right and freedom to enter into a binding agreement with these Terms. You are not permitted to use this website and / or receive the services provided if this is prohibited in your country or under any law or regulation applicable to you and your case. When purchasing an item, you agree to the following: (i) you are responsible for reading the full listing of the item / product / service before committing to purchase it: (ii) you undertake to enter into a legally binding contract for the purchase of a item / product / service when you commit to purchase and complete the checkout payment process. The prices we charge for using our services or for our products are listed on the website. We reserve the right to change our prices for displayed products at any time and to correct pricing errors that may inadvertently occur. More information on pricing and sales taxes can be found on the payment page. The fee for the services and any other expenses you may incur in connection with the use of the service, such as taxes and possible transaction fees, will be charged at the time of payment. 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When we receive appeals for a product purchased from us that has a valid warranty, we will either repair the relevant defect or replace the product. If we are unable to repair or replace the product within a reasonable time, the customer will be entitled to a full refund upon returning the product. We will pay for the shipping of repaired or replaced products to the customer and the customer will be responsible for the return shipping of the product. 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